Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Life Is a Beach: Hot Sand, Blue Sky

From the Life Is a Beach series, photographed August 2010, Spring Lake, New Jersey by Shannon Finney

The sun, sand, sky and sea often combine to make the most interesting
pictures. I know that shooting in the bright, midday sun is usually viewed as
an exercise in frustration. The best books on photography characterize a
photographer's relationship with direct sunlight as adversarial, so I decided to
embrace the sunlight in this photograph. It's a lot of fun to break the rules,
and it seems that there's no better time than while on vacation:)

Friday, July 22, 2011

Life Is a Beach: Beach, Bucket, Baby

Photograph by Shannon Finney, Summer 2008, Spring Lake, New Jersey

While most of the United States is in the grip of one of the
worst heatwaves in history, it's nice to be reminded of cooler
times and ocean breezes. This is one of my favorite
reminders of the joys of summer:)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Boys of Summer 2011

Photographs by Shannon Finney, Shot on location, July 5, 2011, Washington, DC

Summer in the city is usually a series of mad dashes along the crowded, fire-hot sidewalks into the crisp air-conditioned cold of an office building or the sticky
steaminess of a subway car. But for the city's smallest citizens, summer time is
the time for endless days, swimming pools, and the intense delight of a sudden
downpour. Children see summer through ice cream cones and frozen pops, and the
feeling of fresh, wet grass under their bare feet. On a trip to the National Zoo
the other day with my nephews, I forgot the boiling hot sun and simply enjoyed a
day filled with shaved ice, amazing animals, and memories of my own carefree
summer days.