Wednesday, October 8, 2014

In the Studio with the New Orchestra of Washington

When the New Orchestra of Washington (NOW) launched its Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the group's first-ever studio recording, the musicians weren't the only ones excited. Fans of this chamber orchestra, now in its second season, have been more than enthusiastic, and why shouldn't they be? NOW is bringing a new generation to classical music, as well as former fans who had grown bored with the tame offerings often heard in classical concert halls. NOW's programming is creative, engaging, and unexpected. The individual virtuosity of the ensemble's players is what makes NOW so nimble and flexible in their performances, breathing new life into orchestral standards, and creating new classics with contemporary composers. The group is hard at work on its first recording at Omega Recording Studios, featuring a chamber version of Gustav Mahler's Symphony Number 4 and Julian Wachner's Chamber Symphony (commissioned by NOW), and here are a few photographic highlights!

Cellist Lauren Weaver 

Producer Geoffrey Silver consults with conductor Alejandro Hernandez-Valdez

Soprano Linda Mabbs gets last-minute instructions from Geoffrey Silver

Grace Cho, pianist and one of the founding members of NOW, making a few tweaks before taping resumes

Alejandro Hernandez-Valdez, conductor and founding member of NOW, addresses the players

With his score and stopwatch at the ready, producer Geoffrey Silver begins

Soprano Linda Mabbs' Mahler score, music stand and headphones are ready to go