Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Portrait of an Artist: Lyric Soprano and Classical Rockstar Marlissa Hudson

I've learned that when Washington, DC-based organist/pianist Marvin Mills calls you, good things follow. So when my telephone rang, and I heard his voice on the other end, I was curious and excited. And while I can't remember what he said line by line, I do remember the words "classical" and "lust" and I was hooked. Marvin has been collaborating with lyric soprano Marlissa Hudson who is shaking up classical music and making it weak in the knees with her latest project, "Lust." With her lush coloratura voice, Marlissa takes listeners on a sensual sonic ride, making classical music for the "grown and sexy." Below are a couple of my favorite images from a portrait shoot I did with this dynamic duo!

Pianist Marvin Mills and Lyric Soprano Marlissa Hudson, June 26, 2013, Kensington, MD

Lyric Soprano Marlissa Hudson, June 26, 2013, Kensington, MD

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Fathers' Day Photo Gallery

This weekend, it's dad's turn in the spotlight, and here is a gallery of some of my favorite dads (and grandads:) photographed over the past few months. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

2013 Capital Pride Parade Highlights Reel

The 2013 Capital Pride Parade filled the streets of Washington, DC with technicolor wonder, as well as Wonder Women, and the most wonderful woman of them all, actress Lynda Carter, who served as the parade's Grand Marshall. Mayoral hopefuls also came out to shake hands, kiss babies, and enjoy this grand event. Here are a few highlights from the parade!