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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Top 5: Five Things You Don't Know About Actor Meredith Richard

Actors spend so much time learning the interior lives of the characters they play that it's only natural that we're all a little curious about the actors playing these parts. So here are The Top 5 Things about Washington, DC-based actor Meredith Richard that you didn't know, and if you'd like to see her onstage, check out the NextStop Theatre Company production of "The Secret Garden" in Spring 2015!

Meredith's Top 5 Things:

  1. I got my B.A. at LAMDA in London and I lived there for four years.
  2. BBQ ribs are my favorite food - both to cook and to eat!
  3. My favorite color is green.
  4. I enjoy writing poems, especially comedic/story type poems, but I rarely read them aloud.
  5. My favorite animals are house cats and bats.
And to see my Top 5 portraits of Meredith, click here to visit my Shannon Finney Photography Facebook page!