Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Tribute to Chuck Brown

Chuck Brown, photographed at The Space, Washington, DC, August 24, 2008 by Shannon Finney 

On Wednesday, May 16, 2012, legendary musician Chuck Brown died at age 75. Aside from being an extraordinary musician, Chuck Brown was known as the
founder of Go-Go, a form of music he developed in the early 1970s in Washington,
DC. describes Go-Go music as, "continuous, complex heavy
rhythm arrangements focused through two thematic patterns performed on multiple
congas, timbale and roto-toms, interspersed with tambourine and cowbell parts, driven
by heavy-footed drumming and punctuated by crowd 'call and response' as in many
African-American church sermons." While these words accurately describe Go-Go,
the music is defined by the people who play it and the feelings of those
of us in the crowd, moving and grooving to the Go-Go beat. Thank you, Mr. Brown,
for the gift you gave to us, and for the gift you were to us.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dance Hits New Heights: A Night at the Old Post Office Pavilion

Project Bandaloop performs Bound(less), photographed May 11, 2012, Washington, DC, Old Post Office Pavilion 
The Old Post Office Pavilion became a backdrop for one of the most dazzling spectacles seen in Washington, DC since the Inauguration. Project Bandaloop, the San Francisco-based dance troop, brought their gravity-defying, large scale vertical dance, Bound(less) to the main clock tower face of the Pavilion. You couldn't help but look up! Performed with live music by Dana Leong, it was a most spectacular way to spend an evening.

Click here to view more images from this performance!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Portrait of Motherhood: Sheila

Whenever I find myself in a conversation among a group of women who are mothers I am always struck by the collegiality of the exchange. It's like a group of army veterans sharing boot camp memories, trading war stories, and showing off their scars. These women are battle-tested, having survived epic diaper explosions, and long nights at the ER with a distressed six-month old. No matter how they came to be mothers - whether by chance or by choice - and no matter their backgrounds and personalities,  the universality of their experiences remains. I've been interested in capturing who these women are, and how they came to be moms.  I started with Sheila, pictured below. A mother of two, Sheila's journey into motherhood took her from a high-pressure sales job to the high-pressure world of the stay-at-home mom. Her uniform is jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes or boots, and a large bag. I wanted to photograph her in a moment of calm, without the kids and the chaos:) 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mommy and Me: a Mother's Day Photo Gallery

Up in the Air, photographed in Reston, Virginia, February 2009

There's nothing better than spending a not-so-quiet Saturday afternoon with that special person in your life, especially when that person is your mom, and MOST especially when that mom gives the best airplane rides, and can sooth your tears with a kiss:)

Mommy and Me, photographed in Milford, Connecticut, July 2007

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Friday Night (Pillow) Fights!

Pillow Fight, photographed April 2012, Washington, DC, by Shannon Finney Photography

Sometimes, when life gets too serious and you need to cut loose, then you'd better grab a pillow and a few hundred friends and let the feathers, or the foam, fly! The epic pillow fight, pictured above, was held as a part of National Pillow Fight Day, on the National Mall.