Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Selections from the Summer, Sand, and Sea Series

"A Prayer", Photo by Shannon Finney, April 2007, Outer Banks, North Carolina

When I'm at the beach, my favorite time of day is early
morning, before the brightly colored umbrellas begin
to dot the sand scape, before the first sandcastles of the
day have been constructed, and before the screams and
giggles of the children at play on a day at the beach. In
the morning, the only sounds are waves and gulls. On
the morning that I snapped this photo, I had noticed this
lone surfer striding down the beach, board in tow, each
step more deliberate than the next. And then he stopped,
and stood looking out. I don't know if he was praying or
meditating or just simply looking out, enjoying the view.
But for that moment, the beach was transformed into
sacred space.

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