Thursday, May 10, 2012

Portrait of Motherhood: Sheila

Whenever I find myself in a conversation among a group of women who are mothers I am always struck by the collegiality of the exchange. It's like a group of army veterans sharing boot camp memories, trading war stories, and showing off their scars. These women are battle-tested, having survived epic diaper explosions, and long nights at the ER with a distressed six-month old. No matter how they came to be mothers - whether by chance or by choice - and no matter their backgrounds and personalities,  the universality of their experiences remains. I've been interested in capturing who these women are, and how they came to be moms.  I started with Sheila, pictured below. A mother of two, Sheila's journey into motherhood took her from a high-pressure sales job to the high-pressure world of the stay-at-home mom. Her uniform is jeans, t-shirts, tennis shoes or boots, and a large bag. I wanted to photograph her in a moment of calm, without the kids and the chaos:) 

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